People have written books that specifically attempt to delineate and define SWINGING right from grades or levels or classes, we think this is all far too complicated.

We DO NOT define Swinging specifically because we know how individual the experience is, but we will say for certain that there is a large population of fun-loving, free-thinking, people who want the option to enjoy their world the way they want to & NOT to be defined by, or regulated by, others’ ideologies.

We, at Intimate Times, have the Best Members. There are so many Great People in the club who simply want to express their inner sensuality and want to feel safe doing so. Some may want to wearsexXy outfits in a non-judgmental environment. Some simply want the freedom to flirt and dance without worrying that the boy or girl he or she is dancing with will have an expectation of a ‘night in bed’ or some continued relationship. (Remember, we said EXPECTATION, Friendships & fun relationships Seem to Flourish so Easy here)

We have members in open marriages; others in poly-amorous relationships, some who are there merely for recreational fun with either very distinct or very few limits, and the rest who welcome ‘anything & everything in between’ that involves adults only, and is safe, sane, & consensual. Our club is a playce where you get to express You!

Swinging is about Partner Supported Fantasy Fulfillment.