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**Singles – Men are welcome to attend on Friday nights (check the web-site "Events" page). ). Single Men may also attend on a Saturday with a Couple, a mixed group, or a Female Date, however, that Single Male is expected to remain with the couple/group/date.

Should you, as a single male, wish to attend on a Saturday as a SINGLE, You must already be an APPROVED single male member of Intimate Times. If you are the male of a member couple in good standing, and your mate has approved it, you may attend Saturdays as a single if She’s unavailable. HOWEVER, simply being a member does NOT win you this privilege.  


Single Men must be INVITED by a couple or join with another willing single female (to become a couple) before you are allowed to ascend the Mingle Lounge.


Single females are welcomed anytime.

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Club Hours

  • Friday and Saturday

    9:00 PM to 3:00 AM

    No entry after 1:00am