read the rules!

First and Foremost, this is a  PRIVATE PARTY Adult Couples to Couples Social Club.  Our members are what make the Club, and we take Member input Seriously. Always allow RESPECT to guide your personal choices & you will have a Fantastic Time.


So Now What???

You have looked at our Website, done lots of other research, and are really wanting to take the plunge into the Realm of the Adult Couples to Couples Lifestyle Experience.

It’s just that you really do not actually know what to expect and that can be Intimidating.

This Page is designed to address the most Frequently Asked Questions and to help you navigate your way to come and visit us with your Comfort in mind..

It is our Goal that The moment you Enter I.T.s you will have a Real sense of Welcoming Warmth & Comfort.

Ive Never been to a Swingers Nightclub before, How am I supposed to act?

You Should behave as you might in any other 'Get to Know You' Social situation - with Respect!  Always Remember, our Primary Rule - No means NO - It is Never Acceptable to Randomly Grope or Grab anyone. 

That type of behaviour is Harassment and will see you Removed from our Club

I was told that Swing Clubs are Sex Clubs and that’s what I want. I should be able to expect – sex! Right?


We do NOT provide Sex, Sell Sex, or leave ANY uncertain idea that we are about hooking the members &/or guests up.

Rather, Intimate Times provides a Fun & Safe playce for Likeminded People to hang out & meet each other.

What can I expect when I arrive?

You will be greeted at the door by a Door attendee. We will explain to you certain rules and you will sign a waiver of confidentiality – thus you will need to bring your GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO IDENTIFICATION. You will then pay your cover charge, and we, or the members you are with, will give you a tour. We can address any of your further questions at this point.

Should you wish, we will introduce you to some other members. If you are more private, you may choose to sit at the DJ booth or meander over to the free Pool Table to sign up for  a game. The music will be on, with our DJ starting to play around 10pm. It it appears that everyone knows each other, it is because often they do. The most fun open people come out to Club Intimate Times :)

Why Photo ID? I want to be ANONYMOUS!!!!

Discretion is our Motto.  Upon entry you will sign a Waiver and Confidentiality Agreement - this is a legal document that requires Government Issued Photo ID. 

Each person who becomes a Member Recognizes how their personal security is increased because of this.

If we were to allow People to Use a false name on our waivers, that person would have no stake in assuring your privacy. Photo ID assures that all Members, Guests, and Staff, are real and that they understand the document they are signing is legal.

Ok, I understand the photo ID part now, but what if I run into my neighbor or cousin or __?

This happens and it can be a bit disconcerting the first time. All we say is that everyone at the club has 1) signed their waiver, and 2) has their hand in the Same Cookie Jar. They are likely as surprised as you, but they also understand. As we stated, our club is about the freedom to be who you are.

How do People tend to interact at Intimate Times versus a regular nightclub or lounge like environment?

The biggest complaint that We hear about Regular lounges/nightclubs or other Non-lifestyle similar Venues, is that they cater mostly to singles trying to pick up other singles.

The unfortunate reality is that style of interaction is often competitive and rude. There seems to always be a group of younger adult females pointing and laughing at another group of people. There are always those testosterone laden males trying to pick up someone while pushing the other boys away – all this strutting can easily lead to Bar Fights & other forms of Stupidity.

What you will Find at Intimate Times is that People arrive, generally speaking, in couples.  If the ‘He’ is interested in a ‘She’ then he will often introduce himself to her OTHER 1/2 first. There is no vying for attention or wiggling of one’s peacock feathers.

The lifestyle is about encouraging each other to explore and fulfill their fantasies, it is NOT about possession.  There is no reason to fight because everyone understands that part of the game is the flirty fun & the game is played with ultimate respect! Smiles are a bound in this very freeing atmosphere.

What kind of things do you have at the club so we can interact?

We are set up much like a Nightclub with the Feel of a House Party.

We have a dance floor, a DJ Booth (complete with a live person to converse with), a pool table (no coins required), a ‘fireplace’ lounge area (a bit more quiet), a cash bar, complementary chips, nuts, pretzels, lots of snax available both Friday & Saturday. 

All of this and an amazing group of people for a relatively small cover charge! We often play interactive games and give prizes away to the winners. Saturday nights always sees a number of Door Prizes given away to members .

A couple of times per year, We host some of the biggest hotel parties that include dinner, dancing, prizes, & highly discounted hotel room rates. These parties are visited by people from all over North America!

What does cover charge include?

Entry Cover charge includes all the fun & complementary goodies just mentioned, plus a supply of amenities that need a fair degree of maintenance.
 Before thinking our rates are high, consider this:
A movie for 2, popcorn & a pop will set you back approximately $50/couple and will last 2 hrs. We include food, pool, & entertainment for the whole evening – 9pm – 3am – for the $35 member couple’s rate (before 10pm). At the movie, you must purchase their snax & pop, at our club your Snax are included in your Rate, We have a Cash bar that offers all varieties of beverages at reasonable rates. Plus, WE pay the GST – it’s is included in your Entry.

What about B.Y.O.B?

With regard to B.Y.O.B., it is illegal for an individual to bring liquor onto ANY commercial property for the purpose of consumption unless that establishment has a license that supports it – such as a ‘bring your own wine’ option at a restaurant. 

We do not have that sort of license nor is it possible for us to get one. The AGLC can fine any person who contravenes that rule. We encourage our members/guests to be smart & safe about their decisions.

Do we have to Swing? Do we have to allow anyone to touch us? Is this a ‘free for all?’ ???


We have Many Members who Never Swing - They come out to enjoy the Safe Fun Environment . 

I’m not really comfortable with my body - I don’t think I look like Barbie (or Ken).. Will I be accepted?

We at Intimate Times believe that Beauty & Sensuality are exuded via One’s attitude - Sensuality is an Attitude and True Beauty is Exuded through Ones Eyes and Welcoming Smile! Our Club is FILLED with the Sexiest People because the People who come to our Club have the Sexiest & Most Fun Attitudes!

What if we meet people & they are interested in us, & I find that couple attractive, but my partner does not?

If there is chemistry all around, then that’s great!! If not, well don’t push it or ultimately you will just be bringing trouble for yourself & your partner - it isn’t worth it. You ARRIVED as a COUPLE and that is your primary relationship to nurture. The last thing anyone need do is to encourage exactly those behaviours that hurt our loved ones and harm our closest relationships.

Our Club is about Bringing you Closer as a Couple – Sharing More, Being More Open & Honest about Your likes, dislikes, wants, desires, & fantasies… and then making them Happen. All this being said, sometimes a simple set of signals between a couple will go a long way to avoid an awkward situation.

Remember too, there is value in all Friendship.

How do we Say “NO” to a couple who are perhaps fun but there is just no chemistry on our part? We do not want to be rude.

 There are many ways to say no – mostly via body language. But if you are faced with something more directly, simply be honest. I like you both but not in that way.  It also the most kind to be honest early so that other couple can move on should they choose to. All of the members have many friends in Club who they have never connected in that way with & for many different reasons.

Suppose that we both feel comfortable and would like to go to an Open Play Space… (either at a private home, hotel room, or other recreational space), However, we have not yet ‘connected’ with any particular couple, Can we just ‘join in’?

Generally speaking, NO.  

You can only ‘join-in’ if invited. You can Ask to be invited. However, perhaps you could consider the creation of your own play space - your enthusiasm will go a long way towards the attraction of other couples. You may be surprised at how many couples ask to join your party.

Smile & Show interest & You may just Get an Invite

Is there a Dress code? What am I supposed to wear?

"Classy Chic" or "In-Theme". The idiom “Dress to Impress” has Real Meaning here. Thus, unless that is the theme, NO Sweatpants, NO Track outfits, NO ‘Gangsta’ wear – and that includes Ball Caps, toques, stocking caps, (other hats, such as Cowboy, bowlers, etc, specifically styled for the theme or the outfit are usually acceptable). Hoodies are alao not acceptable club wear.

 NO Dirty, NO Unkempt.. need we Say More?? Be aware that the Manager of the Day and/or the Door attendant reserve the right to refuse entry based on dress & Hygiene.

What Else should I be aware of with regard to my visit?

 Be clean, be fresh, take a shower, comb your hair, brush your teeth, DEODORIZE, (even if YOU don’t think you smell – few things turn a positive situation around faster than Body Odor) Deodorize!

We provide a selection of grooming products so that you can freshen up if you need to. Clean hands, clean bodies, trimmed nails, etc. - make the evening more pleasant for everyone.

I heard a rumor about Someone I knows who attends the club. What do I do? I know something to be ‘true’ about someone at the club… What do I do?

Remember, we are all grown ups - We should NOT be engaging in Grade School Gossip.

Should you hear/fall victim to, we suggest:

1) approach the source of the rumor and then take your knowledge to the victim of the rumor; It is then no longer your issue 

2) approach management with it if you are unsure of the gravity of the situation, we may have further insight;

or 3) you can choose to ignore it.

But I really know this Rumor is REALLY true.

Then approach management with your concern and we will help deal with whatever it is.

Do NOT spread rumors.

So I understand that Above all other things, No Means No.

You've heard it before and it's a basic rule at all Lifestyle clubs
More so, though, it is an absolute REQUIREMENT that when one says No, it is respected.

In the lifestyle, you need only to say No, you DO NOT need to explain further. Any harassment with regard to saying No will see the offender removed from this club.  Be polite, smile, say “No” if you mean it…and respect “No” if you hear it.

Ok, but if I say no and that person doesn’t stop, what do I do?

If you have been CLEAR about your intentions or lack thereof with a particular person/couple and they remain persistent, Then we ask that you approach a staff member for assistance on THAT SAME NIGHT. We are unable to attend to a situation that has occurred several weeks back or outside of the Club. 

I still have a few more questions, How do I find those answers?

Please visit our contact page and submit your question. We will be glad to answer any further questions.