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Edmonton's Premier PRIVATE ADULT Couples' Club


Its LUCKY #7 for CLUB I.T. this Weekend. 


Which means Happy Anniversary to our Members too!!!


To Celebrate, we are including our Loyalty Prize Draw. This means that each time you have attended on of Club I.T.'s functions in the last severaly months, we have put your name in for a draw. On 26 April 2014, we are Making that draw for a Nextrill Portable Stainless Steel BBQ Grill!!  Perfect for Summer Camping or just Enjoying what Little of Summer we have on the Deck! 

Come out!!! Dont be late - you have to be here to win! The process is fast, so Get close and Get LuckY!!


We Strive, at Intimate Times, to provide a Safe and fun environment for Likeminded Couples and Select Individuals who choose to be a part of the Lifestyle.

For couples & singles who are part of, or curious about, the Swing/Swingle’s lifestyle, We allow you ONE visit as a NON-MEMBER to allow you to Determine if Our Club is the Right Fit for you. You are still required to pay the Party Cover Charge for that visit. After this, if you wish to attend our Parties, you will be Required to become a Member¹ of Intimate Times.

Please note that Many People who attend our Events are Not Swingers.. they just really like to go out and enjoy their lives with their partners in an very OPEN and Fun Enviroment :-) 


For Your Convenience, all your Cash & Credit Card needs,

I.T. has installed a LOW-COST ATM on-site!!!

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  • Friday and Saturday

    9:00 PM to 3:00 AM

    No entry after midnight